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Our Commitment to Quality

We shop hard so you don't have to. 
We pick the best of the best in every category we carry,
in every price bracket.  We find the most solid designs,
the coolest graphics packages,
and the best possible value for your dollar.
You will leave our store confident you have made
the perfect choice.

Our bikes are all over town! 

You may have spotted one of our gorgeous Electras cruising the neighborhood, or spied a really groovy cruiser at your local coffee hang, or perhaps your best bud has been hittin' the hills on a slick new hybrid.  Whether it's a leisurely weekend cruise on the boardwalk, a fitness ride in Griffith Park, or a crosstown commute to the lot, we have the ideal bike for you.  Top names, attentive service, great prices. Stop in and see what all the fuss is about.

Li'l Bro on the Rat Fink
  • Fitness & Hi-Performance City

    • GT
    • FELT
  • Funky & Stylish Cruisers
    • LINUS
    • FELT
  • Single Speeds and Fixies
    • FELT
    • GT
  • Commuters - The Urban Ride
    • Electra
    • Felt
    • Linus
    • Cannondale


  • PEDEGO Electric Bikes
    • City Commuter
    • Classic Cruiser
    • Boomerang
    • Stretch/Cargo
    • Ridge Rider
    • The Trike
    • Trail Tracker
    • The Latch
  • Comfort City Bikes
    • Electra Townies
    • Electra Single Speeds and 7-spd cruisers
    • Linus Dutchi
  • Cannondale Mountain Bikes


  • Tandems


  • Adult Trikes


  • Kids' Bikes (ages 2 and up!)


  • Dahon - the finest in folding bikes

Linus at Metropolis Bikes
Dahon folding bike at Metropolis Bikes
The TJ's Special: Go Groovy and Go Green
Enjoy the looks of longing and admiration as you cruise to TJ's on a super-stylish cruiser in rocket red, outfitted with a basket and a TJ's signature canvas shopping bag.
You'll trim your thighs and your gas bill, and get a gold star for ecological friendliness!