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The Metropolis Wine Coaster

Whether you're mad for Malbec or pining for Pinot, this is the ride for you! Fashioned by the design team at Metropolis Bikes, this sleek honey-colored cruiser has been outfitted with a classic reinforced wine box that has been double varnished to preserve its natural vintage beauty. The hardwood basket is the perfect complement to the dapper houndstooth top tube pad and saddle. Renowned local pinstriping artist Blondie added stunning flourishes in ochre and chicory for a truly extraordinary custom creation. Cheers!


The Schwinn Fritz Fifty Sting-Ray
Pop a wheelie in modern style!

Limited Edition Seal of Authenticity

It was the bike that every kid in America wanted.  With its radical design, borrowing from the bad-boy motorcycle culture, it was the stuff of summer dreams.  Ape hanger handlebars, a banana seat and a springer front end made the Sting-Ray the most recognizable and enduring bike design in the world.  The idea came from the creative mind of Schwinn engineer and innovator Al Fritz in the early 1960’s.  Fifty years after the first Sting-Ray rolled onto neighborhood streets, Schwinn proudly unveils the Fritz 50 Anniversary Stingray.

Only 500 of the bikes will be produced, ensuring that this re-conceived Sting-Ray will become an instant collectible.  For the first time in the history of the design, the Fritz Fifty Sting-Ray will have a chrome frame, a long-time dream of Fritz’s.  The new Sting-Ray also boasts all the details that made the orginal famous:  a banana seat with rear suspension, custom springer fork, fat slick rear tire, smaller 16” front tire, and all-weather fenders.  Each bike is individually numbered and has a limited edition seal of authenticity signed by Al Fritz.

Come to Metropolis Bikes to see this stunning recreation of a true and much-loved American classic.  Thanks for the memories, Mr. Fritz!

It takes Two to Tango on a Tandem!

Schwinn Tango Tandem

What could possibly be more romantic than the bicycle built for two?  For sweetheart’s everywhere, Schwinn idealizes this enduring classic with an updated design and enhanced comfort, perfect for long rides through sunlit woods.  The 7-speed Schwinn Tango Tandem features a light-weight aluminum frame with swoopy lines in soft silver that are perfectly complemented with rich mahogany brown accents.  Stylish appointments include matching fenders,  integrated cup holders, and an inspired touch - bottle openers!

Lovebirds, your picnic awaits…


Available exclusively at Schwinn Signature independent bike shops.


The Resolution Bike:

Get fit...Quick!

Metropolis Bikes Cannondale Quick
The Cannondale Quick: A brilliant blend of style and function

Goals for 2014:  Explore more.  Get Fit.  Commute.  Have fun!

Check all the boxes with the Cannondale Quick series for men and women.   Cannondale’s experience with high-end road bikes lends a true performance-based approach to urban cycling.  This perfectly-balanced machine features light weight and smooth comfort with its urban flat bar geometry. 

True to the Cannondale riding experience, you’ll go a little faster, ride a little further, and push yourself a little harder than you ever thought possible. 


The Pedego City Commuter
Go green and save green.

Introducing the Pedego City Commuter.  Let’s plug in.

You’ve been thinking about it.  You’ve said to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way”.  Enough of the arm-and-a -leg-and-your-sanity gas prices.  Enough of jammed intersections and car-strangled streets.  Enough of hunting for a parking space like it was the holy grail.  ENOUGH!

Now think about this.  No gas bill.  Cruise around the city like you own it.  Park…Now.  And improve your fitness, your physique, and your state of mind while you do it.  For the cost of a few months of gas receipts, you’ve bought your freedom.  Goodbye, Exxon.  Hello, Fun.


The Cannondale Bad Boy 5

Cannondale Bad Boy 5
Have you been a naughty boy this year?  Well, have we got the bike for you!  The Cannondale Bad Boy 5 is an all-star -- a gutsy, muscular machine designed to dominate the city’s mean streets.  Its Stealth-fighter inspired design features sophisticated aluminum crafting techniques and an aggressive geometry delivering quick responsiveness and nimble handling.  Unique to Cannondale is the radical-looking, lightweight Lefty solo rigid OPI fork – killer attitude. Sometimes, it pays to be bad.


“This is the best-riding commuter/city bike I've ever ridden, stops very well on Shimano hydraulic brakes, and Deore 3x9 performs flawlessly, looks great---austerity and efficiency personified.  I've never had a bike I liked so much!

“Great city bike.  Very fast and smooth ride.  Very hot bike!”

“Its welds are smooth and beautifully finished.”

“Strong, beefy frame, quick gearing, nimble and fast.”

“Great all around city/urban bike!”

Electra Verse 21D

Oh yeah, this one is scary good.  At last, Electra introduces a tight fitness bike dressed up in clean lines and good looks.   The Men’s Verse 21D, pictured here in sleek orange and charcoal, delivers high performance comfort with a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, up-bars, lightweight aluminum frame tubing, and fast rolling multi-condition tires.  Short story:  all-day comfort that invites you to ride your way to a new level of fitness. 

No tricks, all treat.


The Felt Cafe 7

The Felt Cafe 7

Slip down to your favorite corner latte bar in smart Euro-style with this latest offering from Felt.  Inspired by the stylish design of bikes cruising the streets of Paris and Milan, this modern beauty is the picture of understated cool. 

Top marks for comfort, handling and efficiency, thanks to a beautifully constructed lightweight aluminum frame and a 7-speed drivetrain.  Whether you’re in the flats of Studio City or the hills of Los Feliz, you’ll arrive with nary breaking a sweat. 

And, bien sur, cupholder included.


the ngene custom

The Ngene Custom Bike
  If bikes had minds of their own, they would line up in droves to fall under the hand of the extraordinary Ngene.  Born and raised in Kikuyu, Kenya, the artist describes a personal history rich in experience that fueled his boundless imagination.  His powerful narrative reveals the spirit of a warrior and the soul of a poet, as does his striking visual art:  "...on a farmland outside of Nairobi, the terrain on the farm lands changes real fast - harvesting on one side, planting on another, weeds in piles...chaos is a part of life...i have always loved chaos and choreography...i am inspired by bare surfaces - the idea that an idea can live, transform, move and build into something on this bare surface...each new surface is a different challenge and each new challenge brings across new understanding...the lines are stories, ideas, ideals, music, chaos, life."

  The Ngene 2011 Custom is currently on display at Metropolis Bikes.


The Bit-O-Honey

Sweeeeet!  This full custom beauty from tip to toe boasts 700c fixie gearing, custom paint and sleek hand pinstriping by NOHO artiste Blondie.  Outfitted with a stylish houndstooth top tube pad and saddle.  Custom is candy for adults...what's your pleasure?

The Bit-O-Honey

The Ticino by Electra

 A true cosmopolitan.  Italian as pizza margarita
As French as gateau de fois blonds de volaille.
The flavor of Europe, right here in SoCal.  Bellissimo!

Willy and Jenny

Schwinn gives a serendipitous shout out to two very cool buddies back east with the newly-minted 
'Willy' and 'Jenny' Sport Cruisers.  Question:  What do agonizingly smart people do while the rest of us are watching Gossip Girl or Buffy reruns?  Answer:  They develop wildly successful online sites selling cyber goodies for uber-geeks.  ThinkGeek is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Willie Vadnais and Jen Frazier, earning them serious cred among the

geek chic set globe-wide, and major bragging rights at high school reunions from here on out.  So, it's fitting that they would have two modish cruisers monikered after them (albeit a happy coincidence).   If you're looking for a groovy ride, stop in and demo these sweet 700c City Cruisers, tricked out with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, and don't forget to hit on ThinkGeek below.   Tell those funky monkeys you heard about them here.

The Madonna

The Madonna Bike by Electra

Modern art and the ride meet in this whimsical offering from Electra.  The Madonna, a classic design from celebrated mid-century designer Alexander Girard, features striking graphics, bold colors and contrasting accents. 

Expand your collection with style that will move you.

The Gypsy

This exotic beauty will cast its spell on you ~
with rich chocolate fenders splashed with
vibrant yellow blooms and sassy red spoked wheels.
Celia's crystal ball says the Gyspy should be
in your future...

Ride on the wild side.  Join the Electra caravan.

The Navy
(sorry, no longer available)
(but we love having it in our web history!)

The Electra Navy

Amanda joins the Navy! Sailors and landlubbers alike will swoon when they see catch sight of this bold blue beauty. The Electra Navy is the essence of summer chic with its sleek lines and crisp red and white accents. It's another one-of-a kind from the folks at Electra.

Sail with me, sailor girl!

The Tulip

The Amsterdam Tulip
This natural beauty ushers in spring with a dash of Dutch charm and images of tulip-strewn fields. While she sports a glorious color palette, she is not merely a pretty face. With a Shimano Nexus three-speed internal

shifting system, the Tulip is a breeze to ride. Additional attributes include fenders, enclosed chain guard, mud flap, coat/skirt guards, rack, generator headlight, LED rear light, bell, and best of all, no staples.