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Bikes for kids at Metropolis Bikes

Who knows fun better than kids?

From the itty-bitties to the teens, from trikes to tricks, we've got great stuff. We'll help you find just the right size for the perfect ride.  Remember -- in California, all kids must wear helmets!
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electra hawaii at metropolis bikes
The Electra Hawaii: A little girl's dream!

kids bikes at metropolis bikes
Kids come in all sizes, so do bikes!
nutcase helmets
Little Nutty Helmet
Little Nutty Helmet
little nutty helmet
Cute as a bug's ear!
nutcase helmets
Full line of Nutcase helmets - we love your brain!
Schwinn Kids Bikes at Metropolis Bikes
Schwinn Quality
The Schwinn Roadster Trike in red

This European-designed marvel is the perfect starter bike for your little one.  A wooden balance bike (without those bothersome pedals or training wheels) helps Junior develop balance, coordination and confidence. 
Ideal for tots two to five, you'll be amazed at the results.

 Check out the video below and you'll agree....the Skuut is a hoot!

Round up the young'uns and bring 'em down