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S I N G L E   S P E E D   S H O P P E a time of more.

Three beauties: Sara and two custom single speeds
We like 'em - we build 'em - we ride 'em.
Single speeding is a state of mind.
They don't climb worth a damn and they don't go real fast,
but ahhh...the clean simplicity.
Nothing to reach for, nothing to rattle, no decisions -- just pedal.
Wanna go faster? Pedal faster.
Wanna climb that hill? Stand up and grind. It's a fitness machine.
Wanna work cardio? Spin it just like those fancy $22-a-pop classes.
Wanna build strength? Nothing better that rocking those hills.
It's all about you. You're on a one trick pony and you're the boss of it.

Inexpensive, dependable and easy to customize.
Talk to us about brakes, bars, wheels, saddles, and gearing.
We'll make it right for you.

Retrospec Saint Urban Yellow Mashup Flip Flop
Kurt's copper-plated single speed