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Take a stroll down Electra Lane...

How we love the Townie.

Electra's radical yet brilliant designers address a longstanding issue in cycling -- seat height. Maximum pedaling efficiency calls for a high saddle with good leg extension, but reaching for the ground when you stop is no small feat. So there's the rub - lowering the saddle allows for more stability, but you can't pedal as effectively. Enter the Townie. The pedals are moved noticeably forward of the standard position giving you, the rider, excellent leg extension, while the saddle is in a lower, more stable position. Ahhh, Flat Foot technology... revolutionary!

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Another minor miracle... people sizing. With a more reclined seat tube angle, not only is the ride more comfortable but the saddle actually moves rearward when raised, comfortably accomodating a wide range of riders. If comfort and stability are part of your cycling plan, we urge you to come down and give one a whirl. Townies come in a bewildering array of styles so let us help you sort it out.