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Pedego Electrics are for everyone....including Starfleet Captains!

William and Elizabeth Shatner are all grins atop their
Pedego Interceptor Electric Bikes from Metropolis Bikes

William Shatner Metropolis Bikes
Introducing the Pedego Latch

Pedego has just rolled out the industry's

most innovative electric folding bike!


We've all been chomping at the bit for this one, and it's worth the wait. Riders and reviewers alike are gaga over the Latch, a robust folding bike with a full-sized feel:
  • Rides like a dream, smooth and stable
  • Extra long seat tube and telescoping stem accomodates a variety of body types
  • Folds extremely well in about 30 seconds
  • Premium drivetrain features and accessories
A brilliant blend of efficiency and convenience for the urban rider.  Ideal for commuters, and perfect for travel!  Come to Metropolis Bikes for a test fold.

The Pedego latch at Metropolis Bikes
Jenny rides the Pedego Latch
Pedego Latch Metropolis Bikes
The Pedego Latch folded
Metropolis Bikes Pedego Boomerang
Feel the wind in your hair on the Pedego Boomerang
Electric bikes are booming in popularity, while the advances in technology and innovation have created a world of exciting options to enhance your ride and stimulate your interest. 
And if you enjoy it, you’ll do it.

Pedego Stretch Metropolis Bikes
The Pedego Stretch goes to market
Benefits of owning a Pedego

Benefits of buying from Metropolis

  • Exercise that’s fun and effective – Genuine enjoyment and real results! (Check out our inspirational stories of actual customers below)
  • Urban mobility – get around town easily without paying for gas. And parking is a breeze!
  • Going green – It’s not just a buzz word – it’s the truth.  You will save energy as you contribute to your health and the health of the planet.

  • Award-winning service from a nationally recognized bike shop
  • As Pedego of North Hollywood, we are an authorized Pedego dealer and an accredited Service Center
  • Personalized interest and attention from ‘The Best of LA’ Winner ‘Top Bike Shop for Commuters’ (from Los Angeles Magazine)

What we love about the Boomerang

Metropolis Bikes Pedego Boomerang
The Pedego Boomerang - It's so easy to fall in love!
  • Easy access – low stepover height. Excellent for people with bad knees, hips, backs, etc.
  • Upright, comfortable ride – no pressure on wrists, neck, back
  • Cruiser geometry – swept back handlebars, cool aesthetic

What we love about the City Commuter

  • Efficient design – 700c wheels deliver a smooth, sophisticated ride
  • Highly adjustable seat and handlebar positions
  • USB charging port – charge your iPhone while you navigate Googlemaps

Metropolis Bikes City Commuter
The stylish City Commuter
What we love about the Stretch

Metropolis Bikes The Pedego Stretch
Load 'er up! The Pedego Stretch
  • 400 pound payload so you can take it with you – a couple of kids, Costco runs and for you propmasters…your mock Stonehenge model for the set
  • Stable, 24-inch wheel platform to support heavy cargo
  • 48 volt/13 amp battery standard

  • Standard features: lights, disc brakes, suspension seat post

  • Great accessories:  panniers, coffee holders, locks, bells, mirrors, car racks
  • Can ride on the bike path
  • License not necessary

Metropolis Bikes City commuter
Read Rhonda's inspirational story of transformation!

Metropolis Bikes Pedego
Rhonda Martin finds new life on a Pedego!
Enjoy this inspirational account of a woman who turned her life around in her mid-40's when she bought her first electric bike in 2012.  She lost over 250 pounds over a two-year period, transitioning from a sedentary, non-athlete to a vibrant and active triathlete.

best of la2015 metropolis bikes
Metropolis Bikes Pedego Electric Bikes
The Pedego City Commuter
Go green and save green.

Introducing the Pedego City Commuter.  Let’s plug in.

You’ve been thinking about it.  You’ve said to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way”.  Enough of the arm-and-a -leg-and-your-sanity gas prices.  Enough of jammed intersections and car-strangled streets.  Enough of hunting for a parking space like it was the holy grail.  ENOUGH!

Now think about this.  No gas bill.  Cruise around the city like you own it.  Park…Now.  And improve your fitness, your physique, and your state of mind while you do it.  For the cost of a few months of gas receipts, you’ve bought your freedom.  Goodbye, Exxon.  Hello, Fun.


Read the rave reviews of the
Pedego City Commuter
in this informative and eye-opening article!

Test ride the Pedego City Commuter at Metropolis Bikes. Get ready to fall in love!
The ride of the future is here. 

Solid engineering and a serious cool factor make this one of the top picks in the bustling electric bike market. 
Slide on board and discover the Pedego for yourself:
  • Lightweight powerful lithium ion technology
  • Comfortable classic cruiser geometry
  • Trend-leading styles and colors
  • Competitive pricing

Take a look at this fun video by Small Planet about E-vehicles:
See how to commute in style...and perhaps find love on the way home!